Wednesday, July 27, 2005

You'll be fine!

If you are here because you found out you may have a baby with Down syndrome or were just surprised (like us 8 years ago) with this unexpected twist - do not despair.

Gabe has been one of the two most wonderful things to ever happen in our lives. We could not imagine life without him and he is truly a special boy.

By August, I will post photos of him from Birth to today and describe what it was like to suddenly become a parent of a child with Down syndrome and what it has meant to my life to raise him.

In the meantime, I'll be happy to correspond with you....just post a comment to any of the photos and I'll get it immediately and respond quickly as well.

When Gabriel was born the Chair of the San Diego Down Syndrome Association visited us in the hospital and showed us pictures of her son who looked quite, "normal." That was the first bit of hope we had that things might not be so bad, and I hope this website will provide that comfort to you and others.

SamPosted by Picasa

Gabe Posted by Picasa

He's quite popular with the girls..."just a chip off the old block," I like to say. Posted by Picasa

Yes, he wants to be a Doctor, just like Mommy! Posted by Picasa

Buddy at the Buddy Walk in 2003 Posted by Picasa

climbing Posted by Picasa

with new Baby Sister Emma Posted by Picasa

Hate the Game, Not the Player Posted by Picasa

Uncle Joe and Aunt Emily Posted by Picasa

Awe Posted by Picasa

Fishing with Daddy at Otay Lakes Posted by Picasa

Gabe, Jordan, and Miss Carpenter at Rogers Elementary School in Chula Vista Posted by Picasa

After the bath, a little kissin Posted by Picasa

Gabethoven Posted by Picasa

That's my boy! Posted by Picasa

Best Buddies at the Down Syndrome Buddy Walk Posted by Picasa

Loving Mommy Posted by Picasa

Loving the Doggie Posted by Picasa

On the Beach with Grandpa Lewis Posted by Picasa

Brother Bear (Koda) Posted by Picasa

Hauling the Dog Posted by Picasa

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Gabriel and Emma Posted by Picasa

Gabe Posted by Picasa